1. found a stack of 1930’s Yachting magazines.

  2. Cool bathroom decorations, brah.

  3. food-n-bytes:

    Peaceful mooring field

    12 1/2’s! Well actually that one closest looks like it’s a Haven but still 12 1/2’s!

    (Source: sailingshots)

  4. Seeing ‘glass bulkheads in a 12 1/2 will actually never stop surprising me. Everytime I see it I’m like “But where is the paint chipping off and why does this wood feel so uniform?”

    (Source: rowhardorrowhome)

  5. Ehh it’s one of them newfangled plastic 12 1/2’s. 

    But she is a 12 1/2 nonetheless.

    (Source: rowhardorrowhome)

  6. Guys.

    This is the very first sailboat I ever sailed on. 

    11 years, 1 month, 25 days ago. 

    This boat is a piece of history. 

  7. FROLIC!

  9. This is an old one.

  10. It’s easy to see how you could fall in love with a boat, especially if she were this gorgeous. 

    (via Northwest Twenty)

  11. You can’t argue with a sweet little boat like her.

    (via Northwest Twenty)

  12. Once I won the 12 1/2 division at the Herreshoff rendezvous… that was pretty fun actually, although I fell asleep before the awards ceremony. (via H-Class Nationals 2011 | Northwest Twenty)

  13. Hmmm, one of them fiberglass twelve and a halfs….

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  15. EMPRESS ugh why are you ALWAYS broken? (via Herreshoff Gallery Viewer)