2. "Jolly Boating Weather" - Locking out upstream of Henley-on-Thames, battery driven!

  3. Matthew just out of refit at Bristol Docks



    Abu Dhabi leading, Vestas, Mapfre, Alvimedica, and Brunel all very close behind.


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    complete strangers call me at all kind of hours to give me free boats. if they loved me they’d just run over here and pull the needle out of my arm.



  6. VOR Update: Everyone’s still close enough to see each other on the first day. Somewhere cruising along the Med.

  7. Really proud of everyone who helped put Kestrel back together again. She’s a really special boat, and means a lot to me and hopefully other people as well.

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    Fighting the wind on Lake Wingra. October, 2014.


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    [Boat] Sailling

    This has been a post supported by the national association for ketch publicity.

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    Action shots tomorrow of In-Port race. #volvooceanrace #alicante #spain #espana #extreme #sailing #regatta (at Alicante, Espana)

    Here we go!



    So I haven’t seen much about the VOR on tumblr so I’m gonna change that because it starts tomorrow so we should all have for fever right now.


    We’ve got Team SCA, which I’ll incorrectly pronounce as “ska,” the VOR’s first all-women’s team, from Sweden of course. Their boat is pink, obviously, because they’re women, and hopefully it won’t end up on the Herreshoff lawn when they’re done with it like the last all-women’s big race boat. Based on what skipper Sam Davies (UK) has said, I don’t think they’re in it to win it but are definitely planning on beating the guys. 

    Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, hereafter known as ADOR, hailing from the United Arab Emirates and crewed by a bunch of English, American, and Kiwi guys plus the token “Our boat is from the UAE, yes we really should have someone from there on board” trimmer. They’re considered a strong contender for leading spots, which you would expect of an entry hailing from a place where the police drive Lamborghinis. Their boat is black and yellow. 

    Dongfeng Race Team is represented China, and doing a really great job because more than half of their crew is actually Chinese (Everyone else is French). They’re pretty mysterious, so we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out for them. Their boat is red.

    Team Brunel, aka “Team Continental Europe,” is skippered by 6-time racer Bouwe Bekking (unpronounceable) and are racing the gray and neon green boat. Again, I don’t know much more about them, but we’ll ave a lot more to go on in the next few days.

    Team Alvimedica, currently my favorite boat entered, in the orange boat. A mostly American team funded by a Turkish company, Alvimedica is skippered by Charlie Enright, whom I could not recognize until I saw him in the news and was like “Ooooh, Charlie, okay.” Charlie sails with Lars so victory is almost certain.

    MAPFRE, a Spanish entry, is another mostly European entry, with serious plans to go for the gold. Skippered by Iker Martínez and run by two brothers who I’d guess are very into sailing, they sound like they stand a good chance. Their boat is very very red, much redder than Dongfeng’s.

    Vestas is my second-favorite team to win, because Vestas (the company) makes wind turbines and those are cool. They’re from Denmark, and if we look at the list of things Danes are good at (Viking-ing, rowing, rowing, rowing, XC skiing) it builds a pretty good case for them being a real powerhouse in this race, even if only 2 members of the crew are listed s Danish. Their boat is blue.

  13. Fuckin’ WIANNOS.

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  14. foresail:

    So the local classical Yacht shipyard plans a museum / centre for Yacht history here in Flensburg, Germany, unique for Europe, only comparable to some places at the US east coast with its rich yachting tradition. And the Herreshoff Marine Museum / America’s Cup Hall of Fame already indicated an exclusive guest exhibition.

    Sounds fine for me. Can’t wait for 2016.

    Finally we’ll have somewhere to send all those medals and trophies and bits of old boat lying around….

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    someone please tell me how this is even possible

    Carbon Fiber. Mostly carbon fiber.

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