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    Halsey C. Herreshoff  on the 1926 NY 40 RUGOSA, designed by Herreshoff’s grandfather, Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, in Newport’s Classic Yacht Regatta, 2014


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    in other news my boat got pregnant

    Oh goodness.

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    Steady wind
    Daniel Fishkov

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    Kelpie www.regatesroyales.com 

    I need more schooners.

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    Around this time of year I find myself becoming exceedingly nostalgic - inevitably, every move I make reminds me of riding the schoolbus early in the morning or getting in one last swim before the water gets too cold or being in New York City for the first time (all things intrinsically tied with Autumn in my mind). I’ll be standing still at the bus stop and all of a sudden these memories will wash over me with the arrival of a wind gust and I’ll relive all these warm memories, maybe even tap my toes a little.

    Simultaneous to this, the work I do for my main (read: non-Apollonian) job is to find old, forgotten records and reissue them. I spend so much time doing this that I’ve sort of lost touch with “new” music that isn’t made by my friends. Part of me worries that, just like how I essentially only listen to older music, I’ll only relive these memories and never focus on the new ones. BUT, I think autumn is such a serenely beautiful time of the year that it just tends to lend itself towards digging up old memories while creating new ones in parallel. AND, the reason those memories are so important despite being so simple is because of the wonder I ran through the world with at the time, and I’ve worked hard at keeping this wonder in my day to day. Honestly, if I was to make a “year end” list for 2014 some of the highest ranking items would be: the leaves starting to gather outside my window; the raccoons we scared biking late last night; the cup of hot chocolate I drank tonight to release the tension in my jaw and many more. To me, this is the best time of year. NO WASTED MOMENTS.

    Anyways, yesterday was the first day of fall and the one year anniversary of Alvaro Mutis’ death and saw the digital release of Presence. Now all across the world and throughout all major digital stores you can pick up these three new songs for less than half of a dime note. COOL. And, not to start tooting my own personal horn here, but I’m very proud of this release and very excited to have it out there. Cassette release is forthcoming, I’ll post more details on that soon. In the meantime, I’ve got two NYC shows with some great pals coming up, if you’re in the area it’d behoove you to hoof it to at least one!

    9/27 AT THE FAT BABY, w/ Baby Mollusk and 100% (https://www.facebook.com/events/309499062566914/)

    10/4 AT DAVID BLAINE’S, w/ Trace Mountains, Evil Band and Half Sour (https://www.facebook.com/events/915234558506144/)


    As usual, Tim writes some good words and makes some good noises and now you can read them and listen to them.


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    Archaeologists are currently raising and examining what is being called the oldest boat ever found in Denmark.

    The ancient six to seven metre long vessel is estimated to be 6,500 years old – in comparison, the oldest Pyramid in Egypt is a mere 4,500 years old – and although it is damaged,…

    Not steam related, but still cool!

    Is the oldest boat ever found in Denmark the oldest danish boat ever found, or is the oldest boat in the world currently in Denmark?

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    This is not boatporn-2.

    But it is a POLYCHAETE WORM. 

    (If one existed, I would add a video of all the times David Attenborough says “polychaete worm” in Blue Planet but since I don’t just please go find one yourself because he says “polychaete worm” more often than any other 2-word phrase.

  9. Well then it is Oktoberfest and The Admiral is about to lay down the party law.

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    hey sailors this is a dude I work with and supporting him would be super cool!  here’s his blog explaining what he’s doing and you guys should definitely check him out

    YES soft shackles are the best do support we need more of them.


  12. If you’re interested in helping to post to/run this blog…

    Send me a message. One of those fan mail things or what have you.

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    I don’t like driving much, but I do like 80’s BMW’s and I do like Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge events so I guess that’s why this is here.

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    J24 Worlds! Photo Credit: @samueljjhodges (at University of South Carolina)

    Don’t mess with J24s. Or Texas. Or Rhode Island.

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  15. Terrible docking job, but at the same time, a very very impressive docking job.

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